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PetVibe Travel is part of the PetVibe Foundation and offers you amazing opportunities to save money while supporting your favorite not for profit organization!

Get access to deals on flights, hotels, car rentals and vacations while making a difference with every booking! This program is free to participate in and 100% of the funds raised will be donated to the not profit of your choice!


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We’ve partnered with thousands of your favorite hotels, airlines, and car rental companies that have agreed to support our cause every time you book. It’s free to you and makes a big difference to us!


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Book your next vacation, business trip, or family gathering through our travel portal and save. As a thank you for your support, we offer below-market rates that will help you and your family save on travel.


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Save money and give back at the same time!  A percentage of every booking through PetVibe Travel will be donated to support your favorite not profit. That’s what we call a win – win! Together, we can both make a meaningful difference.



The PetVibe Foundation makes it possible for you to support an animal-related not for profit organization of your choice. Please click the button below to learn more about our partner organizations. We are constantly looking to expand our list so we welcome you to suggest your favorite!

One hundred percent of the funds generated from this program will go towards supporting your organization of choice!

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You can sign up to support one of our partner organizations or select the PetVibe Foundation and we will distribute the funds equally among our partner organizations.

Sign up free using the buttons below or you can sign up through the awesome PetVibe App!

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✓ A percentage of every booking donated to a charitable partner of your choice – at no cost to you!

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Our vision was to create a mobile app and web platform that would go far beyond social networking. PetVibe is a community where pet lovers can find, review and connect with pet businesses; share special moments; create meaningful connections within their community; support compassionate organizations ; find educational content; and find help and support throughout their pet ownership journey.


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